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Toddler Play Area

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Toddler Area: 6 & Under

Getting your little ones out of the house can help create incredible memories that last for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, Bounce! Family Entertainment Center offers a toddler play area for kids aged 6 and under, where your little ones can come, climb, and explore to their heart's content. Our toddler play area is ideal for those days when your little one needs to burn off a little extra energy in a safe, clean environment. 

Open Play for Kids and Families

Our toddler play area is open for free play for little ones and their families. This area is intended just for kids under six, so it offers a chance for kids to explore in an environment that's designed just for them. 
The structures we have in place are perfect for little ones who want to range, climb, and explore in a safe environment. 

Furthermore, they won't have to worry about older, bigger kids in the space, so they can focus on playing the way they want to.

Play Areas that are Safe and Clean

When you're looking for a play space for your little ones, there are two priorities at the top of your mind: safety and cleanliness. 

At Bounce! Family Entertainment Center, our toddler play area, covers both of those essential elements. 

We focused on creating a safe environment for little explorers, giving them a place where they can hang out with Mom and Dad or meet new friends. 

At the same time, the bigger kids can check out our other attractions, including indoor rock climbing, a Skywalk course, or indoor trampolines.

Not only do we focus on safety, but we also take care of regular cleaning and sanitizing so that you can feel confident about your little one's play space. 

The toddler play area receives oversight and supervision from our team to ensure cleanliness and safety throughout the day so that you can feel confident no matter when your little one comes to play.

Perfect for Toddlers Wanting to Have Fun or Make New Friends

Do you have a toddler who is tired of exploring the same old environment or who needs to spend more time with friends in order to make the most of their day? The toddler area is the perfect place for them to explore. We often have families who come in during the day, which means your little one will have the chance to make friends, interact with others, and have plenty of fun throughout the day! It's perfect for toddlers of all sizes who need to get out of the house and play with someone else, who want to try out something new, or who just have a lot of energy to burn off. 

Parents can dive in and play with their little ones or sit back and relax while older toddlers explore the play area on their own or with their new friends: the perfect way to get in some quiet time on a busy day. Toddlers are welcome to play during any open play sessions and we also offer toddler time (available only to children 6 and under and their parents and guardians), for your convenience.

Toddler-Friendly Activities in Long Island 

Finding toddler-friendly activities in Long Island is essential when you have a little one at home, whether you have young children who need a fun place to play or you're looking for a solution that will let the entire family dive in.
Check out the Bounce! Family Entertainment Center toddler play area and see our other attractions for a fantastic family fun day that everyone will enjoy.

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