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 Trampoline Dodgeball 

If you're looking for an exciting way for the whole family to burn some energy, trampoline dodgeball is a thrilling experience that can help take your day at the trampoline park to the next level. Playing a rousing game of trampoline park dodgeball can help with that competitive spirit as adults and kids battle it out to see who has what it takes to become the champion. 

What is Trampoline Dodgeball?

Trampoline dodgeball is, in essence, dodgeball played on a trampoline. The rules are similar to regular dodgeball: each team lines up on one side of the line and runs for the balls as the match begins. Players cannot cross onto the other team's side of the trampoline but can run back and forth within their predesignated area. Players can throw the balls at opposing team members once they have them. If you get hit by a ball, you're out! If someone catches a thrown ball, the person who threw the ball is out. It's that simple! The last team--or person--standing is the victor!

Trampoline Park Dodgeball for All Ages!

Dodgeball at the trampoline park is a fun, exciting experience that will bring everyone together, no matter what event you host. 

Birthday Parties

Do you have a birthday boy or girl--of any age--who wants to ramp up the fun and excitement and make it a day to remember? Trampoline dodgeball could be what they're looking for on their special day. Birthday parties will love bouncing onto the trampoline and attacking one another with those soft, squishy balls.

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Camp Group Events

There's nothing more fun for a group of kids than ganging up against the adults in charge of them. Head out for a camp group trampoline dodgeball game on your next camp group night and watch the kids bond and play as never before. Make it a whole night as the kids come out to check out the range of other fun activities, or schedule a little trampoline dodgeball on your way to another event. 

Field Trips

If you're looking for a fun, exciting way to burn off energy during a field trip, try trampoline park dodgeball. Bring in your group and encourage them to bounce, throw, and play. If trampoline dodgeball isn't their style, they can check out the range of other activities at Bounce! Family Entertainment Center

See What Other Activities We Have to Offer

At Bounce! Family Entertainment Center has an incredible selection of activities for the whole family. Check out the Flip and Spin Bumper cars for more opportunities to go after friends and family members or head into the laser tag arena together for a whole new experience. For younger family members, consider the soft play area or venture into Toddler Town for a play area that's just their size. There are plenty of options that will keep you coming back for more!

How is Trampoline Dodgeball Different From Ordinary Dodgeball?

Trampoline dodgeball takes ordinary dodgeball to a whole new level. Not only are competitors throwing balls at one another, they're bouncing while they do it. Keeping your feet on the ground is a challenge--and you can bounce to new heights as you strive to keep yourself away from the competition's projectiles. Dodgeball at the trampoline park is a new game that will delight every family member.

Trampoline Park Dodgeball in Syosset, NY 

At Bounce! Family Entertainment in Syosset, NY, you'll find trampoline dodgeball and other active family fun solutions that will help the kids burn off energy, the adults ramp up the excitement, and the whole family get engaged and excited. Check us out today!

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