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Ropes Course 

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An exciting day clambering over a ropes course is a great way to burn off energy, test yourself, and figure out everything you can do. At Bounce! Family Entertainment Center, our indoor ropes course, is a fun, challenging experience for the whole family. Climb through the air on gravity-defying obstacles as you explore the balance beams, tightropes, and more. 

Experience the Thrill of Our Ropes Course!

Suppose you're looking for a thrilling course that will surely challenge and delight the Bounce! Family Entertainment Center ropes course will be delivered. It provides a fun, exciting climb over tightropes, balance beams, and more. You'll get strapped into the harness by our trained staff, then make your way across the thrilling ropes course, climbing and exploring to your heart's content. This exciting course will make you feel like an adventurer or explorer, off to bounce your way through uncharted areas of the wild--all while holding you safe in your harness. If your footing slips or you have trouble keeping your balance, you can rely on your rope to catch you while you slide back into place. It's an incredible adrenaline rush--and when you reach the end, you'll feel a rich sense of accomplishment as you realize everything you can do!

What to Know Before Participating in the Ropes Course

To participate in the ropes course, you must meet the basic safety requirements. Participants must be 48" tall to take on the ropes challenge. Children under 48” can participate in out Junior Tykes Course! They also must weigh less than 300 pounds. You must always keep your harness on to participate safely in the ropes course. 

The Bounce! Family Entertainment Center employees will give clear safety instructions before you head out on the course. Listen to those instructions to ensure a fun, safe experience.

See What Other Attractions we Have to Meet Your Needs

Are you looking for an adventure-packed day full of excitement and fun? Bounce! Family Entertainment Center offers options that will bring excitement to the whole family. 

Trampoline Attractions

Are you looking for a space to bounce, jump, and twist in the air, all while supported by a trampoline at the bottom? Check out Slam Dunk Basketball, Trampoline Dodgeball, the main jumping court, and more, all offering plenty of family-fun jumping activities. 

Climbing, Ropes, and Adventure

If you didn't get your adventuring out on the ropes course, Bounce! Family Entertainment Center has plenty of other options to choose from. Head to the Ninja Course or try the Adventure Zone for more opportunities to climb as you test your skills and challenge your family members. 

Options for the Kids

If you have younger family members who aren't yet brave enough or big enough to take on the indoor ropes course, there are still plenty of choices at Bounce! Family Entertainment Center for them. Check out the soft play area, visit Toddler Town, or let them explore the Junior Ropes Course for hours of kid-friendly fun.

Indoor Ropes Course Near Syosset, NY

An indoor ropes course is a fantastic way to burn off energy and see what you can accomplish simultaneously. Whether you're hoping to challenge your family members as you push them to new heights, or you're looking for a great field trip option for a camp group, school class, or group of friends, check out the Bounce! Family Entertainment Center's indoor ropes course. 

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