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Trampoline Court 

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Bouncing on a trampoline is the perfect way to burn off excess energy, practice some of your favorite stunts, and have a blast with friends and family members. A trampoline court is the perfect place for a party as well as a great place to bring the kids for an afternoon of laughter and bouncing. At Bounce! Family Entertainment Center, we strive to make every attraction something special for our guests--and the trampoline court is certainly one that can't be beat. 

Rules And Safety Before You Come To Our Trampoline Court

In order to ensure the safety of all our guests, we do have some rules that you must follow as you enjoy our trampoline court. 

  • Remove your street shoes and wear our non-slip socks to ensure that you have a good grip. 

  • Pay attention to your surroundings at all times.

  • Do not jump into other people. 

  • Listen carefully to all staff member instructions and follow them carefully. 

  • Follow all Rules, Regulations, & Responsibility Codes listed throughout the facility.

By keeping these rules at the forefront, you can have a safe, enjoyable experience on the trampoline court. 

Perfect for Events of All Kinds

Time on the trampoline court is perfect for a wide range of events. 

Birthday Parties

Whether you're looking for a fun and exciting birthday party for a little one or an incredible party that kids won't be able to stop talking about, time on the trampoline court is the perfect addition to the party. 

Youth Events

Whether you have a school, camp, club, or organization group that needs a little extra bonding time, there's nothing quite like time on the trampoline court to bring them together. 

Corporate Events

Want to spice up your next corporate outing or fun day? Consider bringing the team to Bounce! Family Entertainment Center to check out the trampoline court and show each other your stuff. 

See What More We Have to Offer in Syosset

At Bounce! Family Entertainment Center, we have a wide range of attractions that are perfect for many events or for getting out of the house and hanging out with friends and family for a few hours. 

  • Soft Play: Perfect for smaller visitors who are looking for gentler attractions, our soft play area allows younger children to climb and explore to their heart's content. 

  • Laser Tag: Bring out your friends, family, or coworkers and challenge one another to a rousing game of laser tag. Who will score the highest? It could be anyone!

  • Toddler Town: If you need a place for the littlest ones to play, Toddler Town is the perfect adventure for children under the age of 6. 

  • Bumper Cars: The Flip and Spin Bumper Cars are an incredible experience that will have you laughing as you jolt into one another. 

  • Adventure Zone: Put your skills to the test as you climb and zip across the Adventure Zone, displaying your full range of acrobatic skills.

  • Arcade: For those who enjoy traditional arcade games, there are plenty of machines to choose from!

At Bounce! Family Entertainment Center, we offer a wide range of events and attractions that are perfect for all ages. You'll find your family eager to come back to try out our other areas.

Book Your Event Today! 

Are you ready to host an incredible event, from a family day out to an exciting corporate day out? Book your event with Bounce! Family Entertainment Center today and discover just how much fun you can have as you bounce, climb, and explore.

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